A Santa Cruz Family Tradition

Originally from the Italian coastal town of Sestri Levante, the Olivieri family came to California in the 1950’s and opened their first “stand” next to the Santa Cruz Wharf. Aldo fished while his wife Inez ran their business selling pizza, candied apples and other fresh fare. Their young sons Mauro and Walter helped out, with Mauro just old enough to park cars on the Beach Street Hill.

The operation grew, a pancake house on Portola Avenue followed.

Aldo still fished, but found time to make fresh pasta each weekend — with recipes used by the family to this day.

He then decided to make and serve his own bread too, and that’s when Aldo’s bakery came to life, 20 years ago, in the beautiful Soquel village.

Our expert baker Librado has worked with us since then, keeping the old recipes intact, and in time our very own Italian pastry chef Alessio joined the bakery, making it even more unique by bringing the most wonderful art of traditional Italian and French desserts to us.

Using local ingredients and helping the community is very important for us, this is why for most of our ingredients we choose local businesses such as Bonny Donn Farm for our lavender, Miller honeybees for our honey, Watsonville Coast Produce for our vegetables and fruits, and many more.

We are delighted and thankful to be still here today to serve you!


Traditional Italian Pastries •  Fresh Bread
Pasta •  Espresso •  Seafood